Crowd Favorite Prize - Photo Contest for Top Culture - Summer 2019

Dear participant,

The institution you care for participates to a contest among senior residences. This contest, named "Top Culture - Summer 2019", is played on a dedicated app running on a tablet. The game play consists in answering cultural questions and in discovering locations or paintings. It takes place over 10 days from end of June to mid-July and brings together more than 500 institutions from U.S.A, Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, or Luxembourg.

Alongside this contest is organized a photo contest (photos taken during the participation to Top Culture) and you can make your residence win by voting for one of its photos!

The residence or institution getting the more I like on all its photos will win the crowd favorite prize: a one year subscription to our brain training app Stim'Art.

Everyone can vote: 1 Like = 1 vote per person, ask your relatives to vote!
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